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How Do We Transform Your Business?

Our carefully formulated and proven process is built around testing.

Increase Your Customer Reviews

Social proof is critical to converting visitors to your website. Our review funnel and monitoring software will be our first step to driving new customers to your doors.

Conversion Focused Website

Does your website tell your story? Our next step is to create a website focused on walking visitors through a compelling story of who you are and why they need to buy from you.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Our local search engine optimization service will work hard to get your ranked where it matters. Getting traffic to your site will be critical to start converting visitors.

Powerful Online Sales Funnel

Once we get traffic to your site we want to work hard to get those visitors into some carefully crafted sales funnels to convert them from viewers to buyers.

Why Local Businesses Choose Us


No matter your size we have a solution that will fit your budget and still get you results.


We are not a 1-2 person team. When you need assistance we will be here.


Process Driven

We have built powerful processes to make sure your work is moving in the right direction always.

We Know Our Stuff

We have been around the block and work with some of the best names in digital marketing. We simply know our stuff.

Recent Success Stories

We believe in transparency. Take a look at our most recent success stories.

Real Estate Buyer Leads

“It’s been incredible!  I was joking and sent you an email telling you I might have to hire an assistant to get through this many leads.  I just don’t think we expected it to perform this quickly.  I didn’t realize what I was asking for – my email box is blowing up with all these leads that are coming in!”

Auto Dealership Sales

“We chose Ken Collins Marketing because our research showed us that they were affordable, and what they did worked.  Since working with Ken Collins Marketing, we’ve been able to reach customers all over the world.  We sold a vehicle to Australia, and we sold a motorcycle to Saudi Arabia.  These are vehicles that are getting seen now due to our Facebook presence.  It has paid for itself in the sales that we’ve acquired from the marketing Ken Collins Marketing has done for us.”

Affordable Website Design

“Ken and his team are awesome!  The company we hired to build our website went out of business without notice and we lost control and the ability to post anything on our own website.  Ken had us up and running in no time.  And best of all is that we now control our own website from top to bottom.  It is a faster, more modern website with an easier domain name.  Thank you Ken Collins Marketing!”

Is Your Current Online Presence Hurting Your Sales?

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We will Cover:

Online Reviews Grade

How good are your online reviews and how can you get more great reviews?

Current Website Quality

Is your current website built to convert visitors to customers?

Search Engine Status

How well do you rank amongst your competition? Can it improve?

Sales Funnel Effectiveness

Are your sales funnels set up to optimize conversion? Do you have a sales funnel?

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Recent Love From Our Customers

“Ken reaches out and helps us to keep things moving, returns calls and e-mails in a timely manner, and we feel like he genuinely wants to help us reach our goals.  Thanks Ken!”

Jeanene Valdes | Co-Owner, Affordable Blinds

“Ken has forever changed the way I market my business! He keeps up with the ever-changing environment so I don’t have to. It’s great to know he’s got my back!”

Randy Large | Owner, Randall Large Consulting

“It’s been incredible!  My email box is blowing up with all these leads that are coming in!”

Brandon Ryan | Owner of Farmington Home Finder

“Since working with Ken Collins Marketing, we’ve been able to reach customers all over the world.”

Clay Jaqua | Co-Owner of 505 Motorsports

“Ken and his team are awesome!  Ken had us up and running in no time.  Thank you Ken Collins Marketing!”

Jim Isbell | Owner of Century 21 Action Realty of Gallup

“Ken takes away all the pressure of marketing our business.  We don’t have to think about it – he has our back.”

Bev Taylor & Tara Churchill | Owners of Artifacts Gallery

“Ken is, honestly, the best all-around marketing person in Farmington, NM!”

Linda McNeal | Retired Owner of DeNae's Boutique

“You have a special way about you that conveys to me that you have a desire to help my business.”

Steve Holland | Owner of Holland's Office Products