Digital Marketing Services

Ken Collins Marketing Professional Marketing Services.  In today’s world, every business of every type needs some level of digital marketing to survive . . . including yours.  Whether you’re in need of Review Management or Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . . . Messenger Marketing or a full-blown Sales Funnel . . . we have you covered.  We are located in Farmington, NM and have clients across the US . . . no matter your location, we have you covered!

Look through the options below and let us know how we can help you.  Everything you need to know can be found at the links below, but we always enjoy talking to business owners . . . so reach out with any questions you might have . . . we look forward to hearing from you!

Our Marketing Services

Online Review Management

If you want more good reviews, less bad reviews, and a higher overall review score . . . this is the service for you.  This is a powerful service with a small price tag.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a local business owner, you want more phone calls and more people through your door.  Our Local SEO service will make that happen.

Messenger Bot

Messenger marketing with a Messenger Bot can give you far better results (in less time) than email marketing ever thought about.  This is where things get really fun!  In fact . . . if you’re on a PC and want a fun break . . . use the Messenger app on your phone to scan our code to the left and see for yourself.

Online Sales Funnel

If you’re serious about your business and serious about making money . . . this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  An online sales funnel is a powerful marketing engine that makes people aware of who you are and what you do, delivers traffic to your website, turns that traffic into leads and customers, turns customers into repeat customers, builds loyalty, and gets your customers to help you find more customers.  Now, THAT is what Digital Marketing is all about!

More About Our Marketing Services

When you choose Ken Collins Marketing, you choose an agency with the resources to properly handle your marketing needs.  We have a large team of SEO professionals and marketing specialists to ensure your business enjoys the absolute best service you can find.

Why do business with a one or two-person shop when you can have an entire digital marketing agency at your fingertips?  We have the time – we have the people – we have the experience – and we have the resources.  You deserve the best . . . and we’re here to deliver that to you.