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Online marketing is tough – competition is tough – you have to fight for every new customer.  You’re frustrated and looking for an advantage over your competition.  You’re looking for a communication channel that isn’t already saturated.

Facebook Messenger Marketing may be positioned to be the #1 marketing channel in the next few years.  The companies who adopt this fast-growing channel now are going to have a serious advantage over their competition.

The way people communicate is changing – you feel it.  Think about how you communicate now compared to 10 or 15 years ago.  Consumers are moving away from email and phone calls – and moving towards texting and messenger apps.  We’re all staring at our smartphones, and we prefer communication that is smartphone-friendly.

What is Messenger Marketing
& Why is it Important?

You’re probably familiar with email marketing.  Messenger marketing is similar to that, but it is much more conversational.  With messenger marketing, people are looking for a conversation that feels more one-on-one.  With email marketing, we expect that the emails we receive are one-to-many.  For this reason and others, the number of people who open emails – and the number of them that click links in emails – is declining.  With messenger marketing, it’s growing . . . very quickly . . . and here’s some of the reasons why:

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Less Friction than Email
  • More personal

Everything Explained


Messenger Bot Monthly Plan
If you’re unsure about how all this works, and just want to give it a try without being locked into a contract . . . this is the plan for you!  With the monthly plan, you can give the service a try and cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.  Of course, just like anything else . . . these things can take several months before they begin to work for you . . . and the first month will be spent setting up your bot.  We take the time during this first month to really get everything set up and working correctly.  This is also why you have no setup fees . . . your first month is essentially your setup fee.  Your initial monthly fee covers you for up to 999 subscribers.  Once you reach 1,000 subscribers, you will be required to re-subscribe to the service at $110/month instead of $100.  This will occur each time you reach an additional 1,000 subscribers . . . your monthly fee will increase by an additional $10.

Messenger Bot Yearly Plan
If you are budget conscious, but are really ready to give this a shot . . . this is the plan for you!  When you pay for 10 months of service up front, we give you 12 months of service . . . so you get 2 months free!  This locks you into the service for 12 full months, but here’s the best part . . . with the monthly plan, your subscriber level is assessed every month and your monthly fee is increased as necessary (see above).  However, with the yearly plan . . . your fee is already paid so you’re also locked into the lowest fee no matter how high your subscriber count gets.  Your subscriber level will be assessed during your 12th month to determine your next 12-month renewal fee . . . still only paying for 10 months . . . so you still get 2 months free.

Messenger Bot Pro Plan
If you are serious about Messenger Marketing . . . this is the plan for you!  You get up to 5 Broadcasts every month instead of only 1.  You get started with up to 5 initial Sequences instead of 2.  Plus . . . you get UNLIMITED Growth Tools, Keywords, Tags, and Custom Fields.  This is a really robust bot built for growth!  The fee is doubled, from the Yearly plan, but the benefits are so much more than doubled.  Plus . . . since the Pro Plan is also a yearly billing cycle, you get 2 months free and you’re locked into your fee . . . so any growth past your initial 999 subscribers is locked in until the 12-month assessment prior to setting your new renewal fee.  This is an amazing plan sure to give you amazing results.


Getting Started
Choose your plan, fill out the form, and make your payment.  Ken will contact you to set up a meeting where he will determine your individual needs and get access to your Facebook page.  We spend the first month working on the major setup of your bot – this is why there’s no setup fees.

Welcome Message
We come up with a Welcome Message for you so that any time somebody wants to send your page a message, they click the Get Started button.  When they click Get Started, they are subscribed to your bot and receive your Welcome Message that asks how you can help them.  Any reply to that message could trigger something including, at least, your Default Reply.

Default Reply
Your Default Reply is sort of like the launch pad for Customer Service. It also helps increase your page’s response time so that people see that you are very responsive to messages.  We understand . . . sometimes it’s difficult to get to your page’s messages right away. So, your Default Reply will give an immediate response to let people know you will get back with them . . . AND . . . it can give them some buttons to click in the meantime.

Broadcasts are messages you can send to all of your subscribers at once . . . just like you would do with e-mail. Unlike email campaigns, Messenger broadcasts get 2-10x higher open rates, unbelievably high CTRs, and enable a handful of interactions and personalization features which are impossible via email.

Sequences are series of messages which your bot will send automatically over time. You can set the message delays from several minutes, to several weeks. Use them to nurture your leads, or provide materials in multiple steps.

Growth Tools
Growth Tools enable you to convert traffic into Messenger subscribers. Growth Tools can be used on almost any medium: websites, Facebook ads, physical promo materials, and more.

Keywords are words people might type in a message to your page.  When a person types one of these words in a message to your page, your Messenger Bot can respond with a pre-determined message . . . or subscribe somebody to a pre-built sequence.

With Tags, you can segment your audience based on the actions they take (or do not take) inside your Messenger bot. Tag your subscribers to track how they opted-in to your bot, which broadcasts they received, which buttons they tapped, and more.

Custom Fields
We can create Custom Fields for special data. Store e-mail addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and virtually any arbitrary information.

Facebook Advertising

Combine a Messenger Bot with your Facebook Advertising and get amazing results!

Kayce to the Rescue!

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