You are currently on the brand new Ken Collins Marketing website.

We have redesigned our website to be more modern, more user-friendly, and more stable – and that’s only the beginning!

Some Things Stay the Same

While made a major overhaul on the site, we left some things unchanged based on client feedback.

Everybody seemed to like the simplicity of the buttons on the top of the Home page.  This allows you to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Look for the DESIGN button in various places on the site to quickly get to our design services.  These include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting & Support
  • Logo Design
  • Animated Logo Design – this is our super cool updated service – you get 50 awesome animation effects with your logo!


Look for the MARKETING button in various places on the site to quickly get to our marketing services.  These include:

  • Video Marketing – this will be branded under “Insert Catchy Title” with that website launch planned by the end of April, 2019
  • Online Review Management
  • Local SEO
  • Messenger Bot
  • Online Sales Funnel


Look for the ADVERTISING button in various places on the site to quickly get to our advertising services.  These include:

  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising
  • Online Sales Funnel – of course this includes advertising elements
  • Video Marketing – this will include a built-in advertising element


Insert Catchy Title is our newest brand – and it’s new to our Ken Collins Marketing website.  We produce two successful shows (below) that consistently generate new clients for us.  We advise business owners to do the same, but see them struggle with the concept.  So – we decided to create a brand new division of Ken Collins Marketing so we can take care of everything for you.  We’ll create the show, write the scripts, offer a selection of professional actors to serve as your spokesperson, shoot the videos, edit the videos, distribute, and promote your videos – just like we do for our own shows!  We’re currently working on the Insert Catchy Title website, and plan to launch by the end of April 2019.

Ken Drives was our first successful show.  We stick Ken behind the wheel, give him stuff to talk about, and off he goes!  These are short, fun, informative videos where Ken gives free advice about business and marketing – you can even submit a question for Ken to answer on camera.  New videos come out every Mon, Wed, & Fri – with Fridays being devoted to something more fun than business and marketing.  We added an extra element to the show this year – all episodes beginning with 2019 are available as a podcast!

Ken’s Think Tank is our second successful show.  This is a web series talk show that features Ken as the host – again, in his truck – and a different guest each episode.  Ken picks up guests who want to chat about a topic of interest to them, they grab some coffee, and they drive through town chatting about the guest’s topic of choice.  The episodes are really fun – with two new episodes each month.  We’ve had some really amazing guests with more to come – and this is Ken’s favorite thing to do!  We added an extra element to the show this year – every episode is now available as a podcast!

Notable Changes to the Ken Collins Marketing Website

While we enjoyed lots of success through our last website, we believe everybody has room for improvement – including us!

Besides the better overall design of the site – and some better geeky stuff that goes on behind the scenes – we’ve improved the simplicity of the site.  It’s now much easier to browse through the site, find what you’re looking for, and actually purchase it.  The purchase process was a pain point with our last site – and we’ve drastically improved that experience.

With these efforts, we changed some of our offerings ever so slightly.  We offer the same great products and services that are serving our clients well – but the purchase options have changed just a bit based on what we saw that worked – and what didn’t.  Have a look through the site – we think you’ll be pleased.

Kayce to the Rescue!

We’re also making improvements to Kayce – our friendly Messenger Bot.  He got a face-lift, his abilities are improving, and he’s readily available in several places on the site – ready to get you quick answers to your questions.  If he doesn’t know the answer, he will fetch Ken – and Ken can answer your questions.

Our Two Biggest Changes

Our two biggest changes to the Ken Collins Marketing website are:

  • The complete overhaul of our Animated Logo Design service
  • The addition of our Video Marketing service

With our previous Animated Logo Design service, you could purchase one animation for your logo at a time.  And, while they were cool on their own, they don’t hold a candle to our new animations.  And now – you don’t get just 1 – you get 50 animations with your order!  We’ll take your logo, tagline, etc. and add it to our 50 logo animations, and give you 50 separate video animations featuring your logo that you can use wherever you want!

Our latest and greatest creation is our Insert Catchy Title brand.  This will be full-service Video Marketing.  We will completely produce a show for your business, covering every detail from start to finish, and all you have to do is pick a spokesperson and pay your bill – we do everything!  We have some really great professional actors that we use as spokespeople.  You just pick the person you want to represent you – and we take care of the rest.  The service overview is available for you to see now – and the website for the service is under development.


Click the Images Below to Take a Look at Both of These Services