Ken Drives

Ken Drives is a series of videos that cover a range of topics – most of them related to marketing – that are released several times each week to help you in your marketing endeavors.  The videos are also converted to audio format and released on the same schedule as a podcast.  You can find Ken drives (in video or podcast form) on the website, YouTube, Facebook, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Spotify!

Ken Drives is a product of Walk in the Park Marketing – the free training division of Ken Collins Marketing.  To see all of the Ken Drives videos cataloged in convenient categories (and take advantage of some free digital marketing training courses), visit the Walk in the Park Marketing website at or click the button below.

Ken Drives Videos

The Ken Drives videos are available on the Walk in the Park Marketing website, on the Ken Collins Marketing Facebook Page, and on the Ken Collins YouTube Channel.  There are hundreds of these videos.  To browse through the videos arranged in categories, visit the website.

Ken Drives Podcast