Lorrie Lawrence Consulting

$100.00 / month

Monthly retainer fee for consulting services.

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Strategic Horizons Consulting
Lorrie Lawrence

This subscription handles the monthly retainer services provided to Lorrie Lawrence by Strategic Horizons Consulting, a division of Ken Collins Marketing.  These services begin on May 1, 2024 and will continue until cancelled.

Any additional costs not covered by this retainer will be discussed in detail and billed separately with mutual agreement between Lorrie Lawrence and Ken Collins.

If the time comes where it is necessary to raise the amount of the retainer fee, that fee will be raised here and will be automatically charged on the next billing cycle.  Before this retainer fee is raised, Lorrie Lawrence and Ken Collins will discuss in detail and come to a mutual agreement prior to raising the fee.  That agreement will be in writing and added to the Services Agreement signed on Apr 25, 2024.