Ken’s Think Tank Credit Sponsor

$40.00 / month

Be one of only five Ken’s Think Tank credit sponsors

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Become a Credit Sponsor!

Your $40/month can get you $500/month in Facebook advertising to a happy local audience.  When we have 3 Show Sponsors and 5 Credit Sponsors, each episode will receive $250 of promotional reach with your ad in it (besides the ongoing organic reach that lasts for years) – and you only pay $20/episode!

Cost:  You pay $20/episode = $40/month

Benefit:  You get $250 advertising/episode = $500 in monthly advertising

Distribution for each episode (and your ad) includes the following:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • IGTV (Instagram TV)
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Other miscellaneous podcast platforms

All ads are embedded in the episode and can’t be skipped.

Credit Sponsorship provides the following for each sponsor (only 5 spots)

  • Cost:  $20/episode billed monthly for a total of $40/month during the show season (Feb – Oct).  We suspend your sponsorship after Oct and ask you before re-activating it in Feb.
  • 3-second static ad at the end of each episode (before the credits) that remains with that episode forever.  Videos will show your static ad with a message that reads “Ken’s Think Tank is made possible in part with support from these sponsors.”  The podcast version will make the same audible announcement followed by the mention of your business name.
  • Your ad will continue to get views for years after the original episode air date.
  • Listing (no link) on for as long as you remain a sponsor.
  • Great branding opportunity within a large, and growing, local audience.
  • Your sponsorship dollars are added to the other sponsorship dollars to give you more Facebook advertising dollars than what you spend!

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