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Every client is different.  Different needs.  Different wants.  Different tastes.  Some want something simple and easy.  Some want something more complicated.  Whatever it is, we can handle it!  Take a look through some of the websites we’ve designed for clients and let us know when you’re ready for us to start working on yours.  Sites are listed below in alphabetical order.

Black Bear Unlimited

Location:  Farmington, NM

Black Bear Unlimited opened in 2021 and needed a quick and easy website.  They’re still evolving as a company, but wanted to initially focus on their Jeep Tours.  We added ecommerce and some bookings functionality to allow people to book them for Jeep Tours according to the availability for those tours.  We even helped them with their Logo Design.

D.D. Seaton

Location:  Denver, CO

D.D. Seaton is a popular artist in Denver.  He wanted a place to showcase his work, sell original paintings to people outside of Denver who don’t have a chance to visit his studio, and offer prints to those would like a more affordable way to own his work.  This was an easy task employing ecommerce and inventory management to ensure an original painting can only be sold once.

Desert River Guides

Location:  Farmington, NM

Desert River Guides opened in 2021 and needed a quick and easy website.  We began working on it, and launched it as soon as they opened.  Since opening, they’ve been so busy running daily trips down the river that they haven’t wanted to open up the site to online bookings.

Four States Equipment

Location:  Farmington, NM

We’ve had Four States Equipment on the books for a long time.  There’s nothing complicated about this site – they just need to be found online.  We designed a website for them many years ago – it was an older style of design.  Since they are on our Unlimited Hosting & Support plan, we were able to completely redesign their website in 2021 at no charge to them.

Goat Locker Printing

Location:  Moyock, NC

Goat Locker Printing is owned by a US Navy Veteran – retired in 2021.  He wanted to operate a printing business in his retirement and contacted us for a website.  Since we are pro-military and pro-first-responder, we gave him a REALLY good deal on his website.  This site will evolve as his company evolves, and we’ll be right there helping him through it.

InterWest Concepts

Location:  Farmington, NM

InterWest Concepts is an umbrella company started by a retired radio DJ who wanted to bring old-style radio programming to the podcast format.  He built a successful show, launched another one, and has more on the books ready to launch.  In 2021, we decided to consolidate his shows for him in this website.

Michael Kent

Location:  Farmington, NM

Michael Kent has been an author for several years.  In 2019, he and his wife moved from California to Farmington because of our local ability to do what we say we’re going to do and get things done.  That’s also why he chose us – we do what we say we’re going to do, and we get things done.  He wanted a website to consolidate his efforts as an author, publisher, and producer.

Papasmrf Power Coating

Location:  Wendell, NC

Brian Collins is a retired US Navy Veteran who can’t sit still.  He began powder coating car parts as part of his involvement with racing cars.  That quickly evolved to powder coating cups, so he needed a website to help him handle the constant stream of orders coming at him.  We built him a simple ecommerce website, and Ken finally convinced him to build a light box to get better pictures of his work.  Ha Ha.  Full Disclosure:  Brian and Ken are brothers.


Location:  Farmington, NM

PESCO is a large manufacturer of process equipment and provider of services for the oil & gas industry.  They are well-known for their quality and commitment to excellence in every form.  If you want to convey the best, you go to the best website designer . . . enter Ken Collins Marketing.  Not only did we design their website, then re-design it several years later in 2021 at no charge, we also help them with several other aspects of their marketing strategy.

Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture

Location:  Farmington, NM

Ramon Valdez is an amazingly-talented artist when it comes to crafting beautiful masterpieces out of wood.  His pieces are showcased in galleries and he has become a well-known online content creator in the woodworking space.  We designed a website for him many years ago, and have since re-designed it to its current state.  We finally convinced him to add ecommerce to his website and sell some things online – and he’s very successful at it.

R.B. Burnham & Company

Location:  Sanders, AZ

R.B. Burnham & Company is a trading post on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.  They lost control of their previous website due to a family tragedy.  We were there to help them through their stress by replacing their website with this new design.  When they’re ready to incorporate ecommerce to the site, we’ll be ready and take care of that for them as well.

River Reach Foundation

Location:  Farmington, NM

The River Reach Foundation is responsible for things like Riverfest, Riverglo, and the Animas River Jam – besides all the great work they do to protect, promote, and enhance Farmington’s riverine corridors.  They needed a drastic overhaul to their website, so they came to us.  We re-designed and modernized the site, incorporated their newsletter, and gave them a way to collect membership fees and donations online.

Uribes Canteras Decoration

Location:  Baird, TX

Uribes Canteras Decoration creates and sells amazing hand-carved stone pieces.  Think of anything – anything at all, and they can create it out of stone!  We created a brand new website for them in 2020 to show examples of their work and announce their construction services.  There’s nothing complicated about this site – just a showcase of amazing craftsmanship.

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