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Your website is the hub of all of your digital marketing activities . . . it is a living, breathing marketing machine . . . or at least it should be.  Our team of designers are top-notch.  Add that to our experience turning website traffic into paying customers, and you have a beautiful, reliable marketing machine that works for you night and day.

More than that . . . we don’t just turn your website over to you, wish you luck, and walk away . . . we stick around and support you and your website with our Unlimited Flat-Fee Website Support service.  You never have to worry about updates to your website – we do that for you – without charging you more fees to do so.  We handle your hosting and unlimited support . . . all for one low monthly fee.

Plan Explained

FREE Website Design w/Delayed Support Costs

This is the same exact service as our paid website design services.  Our FREE Website Design plan allows you to save money by paying NOTHING for your website design.  Further, we will cover your hosting/support costs for 2 months to give you some breathing room while we get your website generating cash for you.  You save a total of $870 on website design and 2 months of Support.

Free Design & Flat-Fee Support
You will enjoy free website design with unlimited revisions until you’re happy with the design – we don’t charge you anything for this design service.  When your site is launched, you also receive unlimited hosting and unlimited support.  Your easy flat fee of $60/month will start two months after you sign up here.  We take care of everything you need to keep your website up and running, safe and secure, and any content changes you need at any time – no matter how many changes you have – it’s all covered in your Support Package – we don’t charge you anything more for our support services.  And the first 2 months are FREE!

What You Get & How it Happens

What’s Included

Customized Design with Unlimited Revisions
Our designers have a full library of beautiful and highly-functional WordPress themes to get you started.  These themes are HIGHLY customizable (they are NOT templates).  Add that to unlimited revisions, and you end up with a FREE website design that is uniquely yours without paying a ton of money for a design from somebody else that’s going to take longer to complete.  In addition, every site we build is mobile-responsive and includes e-Commerce . . . so your website will look great, generate cash for you, and work great on any screen size.

Built Using WordPress
Our themes were built specifically for WordPress.  Every site we do is built in the most recent version of WordPress with the best editing and security features built in.

15 Initial Pages
Your initial site may include up to 15 pages (Ken may allow more on a case-by-case basis).  With the Support Package, we can add up to 5 new pages each month.

2 Custom Web Forms
We want to make it easy for you to convert your website visitors into customers. We provide 2 custom web forms (with up to 10 fields) to help with this process. This is on the initial design – we can add more forms later under the Support Package.

Social Media Integration
We understand the importance of social media. We will add any requested social media icons to connect to any social media accounts you might have.

Videos and Images
Videos and images are a huge part of any business. We will integrate image galleries and video galleries to make your website truly shine. You must provide the images and videos.

E-Commerce Integration
Your affordable website design will include integrated e-commerce capabilities (if required) using WooCommerce so there’s no need to seek a separate e-commerce solution if you need to sell online.  It’s built right into your website from the very beginning!

Our Process

Purchase Package(s)
Purchase the “FREE Website Design w/Delayed Support Costs” package.  You will need to provide a credit card now, but won’t be charged anything for 2 months.  Once payments start, you will be automatically charged an easy $60 flat-fee payment every month.

Consultation & Survey
Ken (or one of his account representatives) will consult with you to gain some basic information so that we can get your new website up and running as quickly as possible. He will talk you through this process and answer any questions you might have.

Development Stage
Our development stage takes roughly 10 business days to complete the initial customization of your theme and place it on our development servers. We will need content from you during this stage to speed up the content & customization stage. You also provide us with any images and/or videos, social media links, etc. for inclusion during the content stage.

Content & Customization Stage
During the content stage, we will incorporate all content and links into the site on the development server.  We also work with you to re-arrange, change, and customize the website look and feel to fit your brand and your needs.  During this stage, we rely heavily on you to provide us with everything we need to launch your website live for the world to see.

Launching Your Website
Once we have all of your content on the site, customization complete, and receive final approval from you, we will prepare the site for launch.  This process takes roughly 3-5 business days.

We will need your domain login information BEFORE we can launch the site.  Your domain will remain pointed at your old site (if you have one) until you have given final approval on your new design.  Once you’ve given that approval and the go-ahead to launch, we will begin preparing your new site to go live.  The last step to launch your website is to point your domain to your new site – we MUST have your domain login information in order to do this.

Website Support
Your website support will begin immediately, but you won’t pay anything for 2 months.  Our Support Package includes hosting fees and is flat-fee – so you never pay additional fees to make changes to your website.

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