How does your website appear on mobile phones?

If the answer is “The same way as it does on a computer,” you are in big trouble!

Website traffic from mobile devices outweighs every other source of traffic.  But, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, your website traffic probably doesn’t show mobile as a big deal.  That’s because Google doesn’t like your website – and neither do your customers.

Why is mobile website traffic so important?

Because mobile devices have become so capable over the past several years – and because we’ve become so comfortable using them, we now use them more than our computers.

And there’s no going back.

In 2014, mobile users overtook the number of desktop users for the first time – and the gap continues to widen.

Mobile Stats vs Desktop Users

In 2013, even though there were still more desktop users, mobile users spent just as much time on their mobile devices as desktop users.

In 2014, mobile usage bypassed desktop usage – and still, the gap continues to widen.

Mobile Internet Trends

What did Google do in response to this trend?

They decided to treat their mobile users with respect, and changed their mobile search rankings.

If your website does not provide a satisfactory mobile experience, your website’s rank in mobile searches is downgraded – across the board.

This would explain our previous comment (above):  “But, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, your website traffic probably doesn’t show mobile as a big deal.”  That’s right!  If your website doesn’t work properly for mobile, you’re not getting the traffic that your competition is because theirs DOES work on mobile.

It’s pretty clear:  If your website does not look and function in a satisfactory way for a mobile user, your mobile users will look somewhere else.  And Google won’t even send them to you in the first place.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Templates


We know you have!  Take a look around you.  Everywhere you go . . . everywhere you look . . . there are people staring into their phones.  Whether or not you like it, it’s happening . . . and it’s important to note.

If all the eyeballs are glued to screens on mobile devices, your business NEEDS to maintain a presence there to be seen.  Why?  Because, while the eyeballs are glued to the mobile screens they don’t see you anywhere else . . . because they’re not looking anywhere else.

Affordable Website Design

What can you do about it?

It’s simple . . . get yourself a website that works properly on mobile.

However, don’t count out computers just yet.  There are still plenty of people looking for you from a computer, so your site still needs to work properly on computers.

The solution?

Mobile-Responsive Website Design.  This type of website design alleviates the need for a mobile website (second website designed specifically for mobile).

Mobile-responsive designs automatically alter their layout and functionality based on the size of the screen and/or web browser.  This is GREAT because . . . no matter where a person views your website (computer, tablet, phone), your website will look great, work great, and satisfy Google’s requirement to work on mobile.  You win all the way around!

What is a Mobile-Responsive Website?

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