You are a small business owner, and chances are . . . you have a website.  These next two questions are VERY important.  Do you have administrative control of your website?  Do you actually OWN your domain . . . in other words . . . do you have an account with a domain registrar (like GoDaddy) where you purchased your domain and control it completely?  If not, you need to fix that . . . immediately.

Enter PROPER Website Design and Support

A website is more than an online brochure . . . it is a marketing machine that should be working for you around the clock on any device that your customer chooses.  It needs to work properly on computers, tablets, or mobile phones.  It needs to reflect your business properly, it needs to help your current customers, and it needs to bring you new customers.  It needs to do all of this without fail.

As a business owner, you should maintain control over everything that is as important to your business as your website.  If you don’t control your website and domain, you could be in BIG trouble.

Real-Time Example

Jim came to us with a big problem.  He was working with a website developer and did not have control of his own domain.  He could make changes to his website, but he also did not control his own website.  Besides that, his website did not work on mobile.  He needed to get his site to work on mobile, but he wasn’t too concerned about it until his website developer dropped from existence.  Not good!  Now he had lost his website and his domain!  The same domain that was on all of his advertising, billboards, etc.  He was in desperate need.

The Solution:  Fast Website Design & Unlimited Website Hosting and Support

We were able to immediately get Jim a better domain name while he worked on trying to contact his defunct website developer to gain ownership of his other domain.  Once we had that, we started work on an low-cost, Entry-Level Website Design that would give him a better-looking website than the one he had lost.  More than that, his new website would be mobile-responsive . . . so it would work properly on any device.

We had Jim’s new website up and running on our development server in about a week and spent the net few weeks working out content with Jim to ensure everything was in order prior to a launch.  He was finally able to get control of his old domain so, once we launched his new website, we pointed his old domain at his new site and all was right again.

Now that Jim’s website is live, we placed him on our Website Support Package so his site would stay up and working at all times, he could request any number of content changes to the site and have them actually made without having to pay more, and he owns absolutely every piece of his domain and website.  If he should ever decide to leave us (we want him to always stay because we really like him), he can do so at a moment’s notice.

We refuse to hold our clients hostage.  It’s your domain . . . it’s your website . . . you should be able to do with it what you please, when you please.  Watch the video below to see how Jim feels about his website situation now.

We can do the same, and more, for YOUR BUSINESS.  Take a minute and browse through our digital marketing services to see if we might be a good fit for you.

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