Welcome to
Strategic Horizons Consulting

where our name embodies the essence of our approach:

Strategic ‘IMPACT’

Expansive ‘VISION’

to achieve ‘GROWTH’

Anchored by our core principles, we navigate businesses through transformative growth and innovation. From your small, local business to your international corporation or non-profit organization, our global perspective and precise focus on your goals will push your endeavors to greater success. Let us guide you beyond the immediate, towards new horizons of success.

Join us on a journey where strategic depth meets visionary breadth, and together, we’ll make a lasting impact.

Ken Collins, Founder & Principal

Leveraging an unparalleled blend of global experience, strategic expertise, and a track record of transformative results, Ken Collins of Strategic Horizons Consulting offers a distinct advantage to businesses seeking growth and efficiency. With a career spanning over three decades, including significant roles in diverse sectors and engagements with high-profile leaders worldwide, Ken brings a depth of understanding and an innovative approach to solving complex challenges. His ability to assess, strategize, and implement effective solutions has consistently delivered enhanced efficiency, profitability, and long-term success for businesses across 35 industries.

Strategic Horizons Consulting is a division of Ken Collins Marketing. Ken Collins is a military veteran, a certified business consultant, and a member of the International Association of Professional Business Consultants.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with Proven Strategies


Goal-setting involves working with clients to define specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals to focus efforts and resources effectively.


Resilience-building strategies to enhance an organization’s agility and resilience, preparing it to navigate and thrive amid changing market conditions and unforeseen challenges.


Optimization focuses on analyzing and refining business processes to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity, ensuring optimal operation.


Workforce empowerment employs techniques to upskill and motivate the workforce, fostering a culture of continuous learning and leadership development.


Technological integration involves adopting and integrating cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation, improve service delivery, and create competitive advantages.


Holistic analysis involves conducting a comprehensive review of all organizational aspects, from operational workflows to management practices, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring strategies are aligned with overarching business objectives.

Why Strategic Horizons Consulting?

Ken Collins is the Owner and Principal Consultant for Strategic Horizons Consulting.

With a dynamic career spanning over three decades, Ken Collins has demonstrated unparalleled versatility and leadership in a myriad of roles across 17 companies, including a significant tenure with the USAF. His global experience encompasses work in 3 countries and 15 US states, engaging with high-profile leaders from various sectors, including senior US military officials, senators, congressmen, and even the vice president. Ken’s extensive background in both government sectors and the private industry, including international staffing and founding two successful marketing agencies, showcases his adeptness in navigating complex environments and driving substantial growth.

As the Founder and Principal of Strategic Horizons Consulting, Ken excels in refining operations, enhancing systems, and processes to boost efficiency, profitability, and cost-effectiveness. His career is marked by notable achievements such as receiving the USAF Tactical Air Command Outstanding Junior Enlisted Information Manager of the Year award in 1991, catching the attention of Vice President Al Gore after designing a Microsoft Excel program in 1993, and spearheading multiple enterprise-level projects that set new benchmarks in efficiency and preparedness.

Despite facing adversity, including a period of homelessness following the Dot Com bubble burst and 9/11 attacks, Ken’s resilience and strategic vision led him to relocate to Farmington, NM, where he rebuilt his career and continued to make significant community contributions. His involvement in conceptualizing the Farmington Art Walks, which received the 2008 New Mexico MainStreet Award for Excellence in a Business Promotion, and leading fundraising efforts for vital community projects, underscores his commitment to community service.

Beyond his professional and community achievements, Ken is also an accomplished artist and works closely with the local Kiwanis Club and River Reach Foundation, further illustrating his multifaceted talents and dedication to enriching his community.

Ken will help you achieve GROWTH in your organization by using IMPACT and VISION



Integrity:  Upholding honesty and ethical standards in all dealings.

Mastery:  Commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Professionalism:  Maintaining a professional demeanor in all interactions.

Accountability:  Taking responsibility for actions and outcomes.

Collaboration:  Emphasizing teamwork and client involvement.

Transparency:  Ensuring clear and open communication.



Value-driven:  Prioritizing client value in all projects and interactions.

Innovation:  Embracing creativity and new solutions.

Service:  Dedication to exceptional client service.

Integration:  Fostering integrated solutions and holistic approaches.

Outcomes:  Focusing on measurable and impactful outcomes.

Nurturing:  Commitment to nurturing client relationships and team growth.

Meet the Strategic Horizons Consulting Team

Ken Collins

Owner & Principal

Gerri Seaton

Commercial Funding Expert

James Bennett


Emma Harper

Customer Service

What’s it Like Working with Ken?

Ken Collins is a dedicated and highly professional airman.

Maj Hickam E. Bush, Asst Chief, Stan/Eval Division, Mt Home AFB, ID

Ken Collins is a top performer.

Lt Col Alton L. Teasley, Chief, Stan/Eval Division, Mt Home AFB, ID

Ken Collins is the most professional information manager I have ever known.

SSgt George J. Kerr, NCOIC, Weapons Administration, Mt Home AFB, ID

Ken Collins is a definite asset.

MSgt Gary S. Fisher, NCOIC, Weapons and Tactics Division, Mt Home AFB, ID

A quality performer all the way!  The Air Force needs more young airmen with Ken’s talent and initiative.

Col William S. Hinton, Commander, Mt Home AFB, ID

The outstanding expertise and quality of performance displayed by Ken resulted in a “best-seen-to-date” …

Lt Col S. James Cooper, Project Officer, TAC SATAF, Washington DC

Ken’s positive and steadfast efforts during seemingly endless days and never-ending nights, to remain alert and provide a viable response under intense wartime threat conditions, is highly praiseworthy.

Lt Col Robert M Timmons, Chief of Security Police, Kind Fahad Royal Saudi Air Base, Saudi Arabia

Ken’s professional conduct helped assure a successful visit and continuing high-quality EF-111A simulator.

Col William D. McAdams, Deputy Commander for Operations, Mt Home AFB, ID

Helpful and responsive, Ken Collins provides excellent service and makes sure everything is up to the clients standards.

Cody Dudgeon, Owner, Desert River Guides, Farmington, NM

Ken and his team were super helpful. Highly recommended if you’re someone who is trying to take their business to the next level and if you’re tired of pulling your hair out trying to figure it out on your own like I did.

Amber Aguirre, Lil Aztec Flower Shop, Aztec, NM

So happy with my experience with Ken Collins. Very creative and professional, as well as very on the ball with keeping things moving along. I will continue working with them in the future.

Summer Jakino, Owner, Lago Vista Estates, Farmington, NM

Ken has forever changed the way I market my business! He keeps up with the ever changing environment so I don’t have to. It’s great to know he’s got my back!

Randy Large, Owner, Randall Large Consulting, Farmington, NM

Down to earth. Shared real information on steps to take.

Amy Gillingham, Owner, BristleWorks Studio, Farmington, NM

Ken Collins presented us with a package that we could afford, and his previous work really showed itself.  The service has paid for itself just from the results Ken has given us.  I would absolutely recommend Ken Collins.

Clay Jaqua, Owner, 505 Motorsports, Farmington, NM

We were too busy running the business to do these things, and Ken took the weight off our shoulders.  He’s a fun guy who makes us laugh, and because he’s an artist, he could relate to the challenges we faced.

Bev & Tara Taylor, Co-owners, Artifacts 302, Farmington, NM

I didn’t expect to see results that quickly.  Ken produced some pretty outstanding results right off the bat for us.  He brings a ton of value.

Brandon Ryan, Owner, Farmington Home Finder, Farmington, NM

Our service providers left us high and dry.  Ken is a really good guy – down to earth and very knowledgeable.  Now, we have full control of all our digital assets.  I would definitely recommend Ken Collins to anybody.

Jim Isbell, Owner, Century 21 Action Reality, Gallup, NM

Ken was a wonderful tool for me as I prepared to exit my business.  He was exactly what I needed and he was so thorough.  Ken walked me through the whole thing so that I felt comfortable in everything that I was doing.  Ken is honestly the best that Farmington, NM has.

Linda McNeil, DeNae’s Boutique, Farmington, NM

I chose Ken because he’s cutting-edge and relevant to the digital age.  Ken has a special way about him that conveyed to me that he wanted to help my business.

Steve Holland, Owner, Holland’s Office Products, Gallup, NM

Ken had a lot of good ideas, and knew exactly how to help me.  Ken helped me expand my assets and increase my revenue.  When he says he’s going to do something, he does it.  Ken knows what he’s doing.  I would highly recommend Ken Collins.

Ramon Valdez, Owner, Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture, Bloomfield, NM

Talented and responsive professionals.

William E. Hill, Owner, Hill Top Productions, Santa Fe, NM

Ken is so easy to work with and very helpful every time I call.

Dee Clifton, Bowlero Lanes, Farmington, NM

He has made the process pretty seamless, and we are already seeing results in the best way- new business. Ken reaches out and helps us to keep things moving, returns calls and e-mails in a timely manner, and we feel like he genuinely wants to help us achieve our goals.

Jeanene Valdes, Owner, Affordable Blind Pros, Aztec, NM

Ken is really great to work with. He knows what he’s doing and is very helpful with ideas and suggestions. I would highly recommend talking with him about how he can help you with what you’d like to accomplish.

Bea Damron, Owner, Sleep-N-Aire Mattress Gallery, Farmington, NM

Ken is an absolutely good person to work with, does exactly what you want and did it in a timely manner. Awesome job Ken we appreciate everything!!

Melissa Uribe, Owner, Uribes Canteras, Baird, TX