Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO:  You think Facebook is big?  Well, Google is even bigger . . . and people use it to find the things they need or want.  Can they find you?  Can they find your competitors?

Local SEO services are often overlooked by small business owners.  You don’t understand the concepts and opt for more “sexy” avenues like social media.  While social media is great, Google still rules the Internet . . . and the people who are searching right now expect to find what they’re looking for right now.  Will they find you?  Search traffic is your most powerful marketing tool of any kind – let’s make sure you get found in search results!

87% of people who search for a local business call or go to that type of business within 24 hours.

We take care of the core pillars of Local SEO:


The centerpiece to your organic rankings.  We take care of all your onsite SEO from on-page, to technical issues, to UX, and much more.

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a critical part of getting visibility locally.  We can create your listing or fully optimize existing listings, along with advanced troubleshooting via direct contact with the Google My Business team.


We create manual submissions on the top aggregator and citation sources, along with city and industry specific citation sources.  Along with NAP cleanup and duplicate suppression.


We build genuine local backlinks based on your relationships, competitors, local analysis, and manual outreach – giving you hyper-relevant local inbound links that count.


Reviews are the cornerstone to creating trust with potential customers.  Our turnkey review system with SMS feature will get you reviews quickly and effectively.

Social Account Creation

Social media accounts have become search engines in their own right.  If you don’t have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, we can create them for you.

What the heck does all this mean?

We understand.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated thing to understand.  The nutshell explanation is this:  your customers are searching for you online, and if they’re not searching for you specifically, they are searching for your products and services.  We spend lots of time in lots of areas to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you instead of your competition.

Tested & Proven Techniques

Some SEO companies get carried away with the latest fad or “gaming Google technique” instead of actually spending the time to get your core building blocks in place.  What we described above are the core building blocks of Local SEO.  We have taken lots of time and effort to create this system to cover all the key areas of Local SEO.  The bottom line is this:

With our services, you get a solid foundation, ongoing optimization, and simple reporting . . . all in a simple, flat-fee service.  The only thing you need to focus on is running your business.