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You’ve made a smart decision!  When you choose to pay for our Review Management service on a Yearly Plan, you get two months FREE!  That’s right . . . you pay for 10 months, but you get 12 months of the service.

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Terms of Service

Read the Terms of Service – you’ll need to check that you agree to them.  They are short and easy to understand.  You’ll find them by scrolling down this page until you find the section “Terms of Service.”

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After you’ve read the Terms of Service, continue to scroll down to the Order Form at the bottom of this page.  Compete the form and provide your payment information.  Once we have this information, you’ll be directed to schedule a consultation with Ken.

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After you’ve made your payment, you’ll be directed to schedule a consultation with Ken.  During this consultation, Ken will fully explain the service, answer your questions, and verify the information we need in order to set up your Review Funnel.  This is an important meeting, and is required before moving forward with your review management.

Have more questions?  Hit the button below and Kayce, our Messenger Bot, will help you get answers!

Terms of Service

You agree to pay your retainer via automated yearly credit card payments and give us at least 30 days’ notice if you ever wish to cancel.  You may cancel at any time, but we make no refunds for any payments already made.

We would appreciate you sticking with us for at least an initial three months to allow the system time to start bringing you results – we’re good, but the ball is going to land in your customer’s court, so give them time to start making a difference.

Provide us with the information we require in a timely manner.  This information will include general business contact information, website addresses, review sites needed, social media links, your logo, etc. that we need in the process of setting up your review funnel system.

We will do all we can to get your customers writing great reviews for you if you do all you can to ensure they have something good to write about.

Keep us informed about how things are going on your end, and we’ll do the same.  Let’s make this a fun, exciting, professional, and profitable relationship that lasts!


Your fee begins at $750/year, which covers you for 1 location.  Your fee increases to $1,250/year if you add a second location.  You pay $750/year for the 1st location, $500/year for the second location, and $300/year for every location after that.

1 Location = $750/year
2 Locations = $750/year + $500/year = $1,250/year
3 Locations = $750/year + $500/year + $300/year = $1,550/year
4 Locations = $1,850/year
5 Locations = $2,150/year

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REMINDER:  Once you complete this form and make your payment, you’ll be directed to Schedule your Consultation with Ken.