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YOU are one smart cookie!  When you pay for 12 months of our Facebook Advertising service up front, we only charge your for 9 . . . you get 3 months free!  This brings your monthly equivalent cost down to $375/month instead of the full monthly fee.  Remember . . . you can still cancel anytime, but there are no refunds on fees already paid.

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Before you go any further, we need to make sure we can work with you.  This is VERY important.  We do not work with competitors in the same local market . . . so we need to make sure we’re not already working with your competition.  If not, we’re more than happy to bring you on board and send your competition away.  If you’ve not already spoken with Ken, please use the button below to schedule your consultation now.


Terms of Service

Read the Terms of Service – you’ll need to check that you agree to them.  They are short and easy to understand.  You’ll find them by scrolling down this page until you find the section “Terms of Service.”

Make Your Payment

After you’ve read the Terms of Service, continue to scroll down to the Order Form at the bottom of this page.  Complete the form and make your payment.  Once your Facebook Advertising payment has been made, you’ll be directed to schedule another consultation with Ken.

Schedule Another Consultation

After you’ve made your Facebook Advertising payment, you’ll be directed to schedule another consultation with Ken.  During this consultation, Ken will fully explain our process, answer your questions, help you provide us with access to your Facebook page, determine your monthly advertising budget, and set up your Facebook Advertising account with Facebook.  This is an important meeting, and is required before moving forward with your project.

Have more questions?  Hit the button below and Kayce, our Messenger Bot, will help you get answers!

Terms of Service

You agree to pay your retainer via yearly automated credit card payments and give us at least 30 days’ notice if you ever wish to cancel.  We would appreciate you sticking with us for at least an initial three to six months to allow to gather enough data to start properly improving your ads.

There are no refunds on any fees already paid.  If you cancel before the end of your 6-month term, you will receive no pro-rated refund of unused months.  Don’t worry . . . you won’t want to cancel.

You agree to provide us with Admin access to your Facebook Business Page and provide us with your credit card number for the purposes of setting up an advertising account with Facebook.  Your monthly service charge is paid to us (using the form below) and your separate advertising budget is paid directly to Facebook.

We will work within the constraints of your agreed-upon monthly advertising budget (separate from the service fee you pay to us).

Keep us informed about how things are going on your end, and we’ll do the same.  Let’s make this a fun, exciting, professional, and profitable relationship that lasts!

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REMINDER:  Once you complete this form and make your payment, you’ll be directed to Schedule another Consultation with Ken.