Well . . . it is on MY part anyway!  Selling real estate might not be the easiest thing in the world, but it does get a whole lot easier when you have a couple hundred people talking to you about their home-buying needs within the course of a couple weeks.  If you knew, as a realtor, you could close a home sale for every 20 home-buying prospects . . . and you were presented with 200 of them who showed an interest in a home you had listed . . . you would be looking at selling 10 homes.  Your trouble at that point would be to find some help to get all the work done, and to be sure you had enough homes on the market!


The Home-Selling Test

We (here at Ken Collins Marketing) have TONS of experience creating and managing full-featured ad campaigns on Facebook.  However, we had never tried it in the real estate market . . . and we were just itching to give it a try!  Ken decided to reach out to a realtor he had just met and ask him if he would participate in a test with him . . . and the realtor agreed.  His name is Brandon, and this is the conversation (video below) that Ken had with Brandon just a few hours short of three full days into the test.


The Facebook Ad Campaign Results

We worked with Brandon to get everything we needed from him and began building the elements that would work together in this campaign.  Once we had all the elements in place, we were ready for Ken to build the ad on Facebook and launch the campaign.  He did so on a Saturday while sitting in his RV at the lake.  He launched the ad at about 5:30pm and went to join his friends in the RV park for happy hour.  Within 30 minutes, we had our first lead!  A “lead” is somebody who clicked the ad, saw the landing page, clicked the button to receive a brochure on the property, and gave their name, email, and phone number to receive the brochure.  By midnight, we had 6 leads.  A good result with 6 leads in the first 6 hours . . . but things were just getting started!  This is how it continued to play out:

  1.   We got another 25 leads on Sunday
  2.   And another 22 leads on Monday
  3.   And another 22 leads on Tuesday
  4.   Before the next weekend was over, we had almost 130 leads!
  5.   At Brandon’s rate of 30 leads/month prior to this test, we had essentially delivered 4 months of leads in 1 week!
  6.   In just over 2 weeks, we had delivered 200 leads to Brandon – more than 6 months of leads in 2 weeks!

Of course, all we did was deliver leads to Brandon.  He had the perfect practice in place to follow up with each one of these leads . . . personally and individually.  The home highlighted in this ad campaign didn’t fit the needs of every person who responded to the ad, but talking with each person allowed Brandon the opportunity to find a home that matched their needs.  What a great position to be in as a realtor!

Imagine where your real estate business would be if you could talk with 200 interested home-buyers every month.  What would that do for your business?  What would that do for your family and your lifestyle?  Think of how many happy people out there would owe their home sale and/or their home purchase to you and your efforts – you would be a hero!


How We Did It

If you want to stop pulling your hair out trying to find home-buyers to speak with, and actually have too many home-buyers to handle on your own . . . then click the link below to get our free eBook that shows the exact elements we used in this campaign.  You’ll learn how we generated 48 leads in 48 hours . . . and 200 leads in 2 weeks!

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