Almost Home – Puzzle (96, 252, 500, 1000-Piece)


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  96 pcs 252 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
Width, in 15.75 15.75 24.00 28.00
Height, in 11.81 11.81 18.00 20.00

Get ready to blast off into the unknown with our stunning puzzle featuring a breathtaking view from space through a portal in a spaceship, of a beautiful and colorful world in shades of blue. This incredible puzzle captures the wonder and excitement of space travel, with its breathtaking view of an alien world, vibrant colors, and otherworldly landscape. As you piece together this puzzle, you’ll feel a sense of adventure and exploration, as if you were really out there in the great unknown.

Imagine the feeling of floating in the vast emptiness of space, gazing out at a beautiful and mysterious world through the portal of your spaceship. Each piece you fit into place brings you closer to completing the image of the space portal, and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you’ll feel as you finish the puzzle is truly unmatched.

This puzzle is perfect for anyone who loves space, science fiction, or simply appreciates the beauty of the unknown. It makes a great gift for friends, family members, or loved ones who could use a moment of escape into a world of adventure and exploration. Add our space portal puzzle to your collection today and experience the wonder and excitement of space travel for yourself.

This puzzle is available in 96, 252, 500, or 1,000-piece variations and come in a thick, rigid, mat black box for easy storage. The lid of the gift-ready box matches the puzzle’s design.

.: Premium quality puzzle – 96, 252, 500 and 1000 pieces
.: Comes in a thick and rigid mat black cardboard box
.: Printed lid decal to match the puzzle inside

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