Let’s say you own a small used car lot and you have a knack for acquiring really cool cars.  You’re located in a great spot with great visibility for drive-by traffic, and you do good business.  Maybe not everybody is that familiar with you, even though they’ve probably driven by, and you want to expand on the reputation you’ve built.  Maybe you want to stand out a bit more than just another of 50 car lots people drive by every day, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money to get that done.  You have a Facebook page already, a couple hundred people Like it, and you post to it now and then.

Would it benefit you to hire an agency to manage your Facebook presence?  Absolutely!  Worth every penny!

Enter Facebook Marketing

Social media is highly effective at helping you build your brand.  How?  Because it is where people spend their time.  When you can get your message in front of the right people long enough, they begin to understand who you are, and they like you for it.  More than building brand awareness:  it helps potential leads find you, it helps you grow a community that grows your bottom line, and it allows you to gain customers by engaging in conversation with them.  Facebook is the largest of the social platforms with the largest variety of demographics – so, if you’re not sure where to start, Facebook is always the answer.

Building a Facebook page that represents your brand is an important first step – now it comes down to content.  You have to find, curate, and create enough content to keep people interested in you without being self-centered about that content.  Content leads to conversations . . . conversations lead to relationships . . . relationships lead to sales.  Remember that formula and treat your online conversations through social media the same way you treat your offline conversations.  Don’t always talk about yourself.  Have real conversations with people that result in relationships.  Those you come to know, like, and trust you will purchase from you.  It really is a simple concept – but it’s not always easy to implement – just because of the amount of time it requires.  This is the reason to hire a team that can do it for you.

Real-Time Example

I approached Clay and Curtis because I liked the types of vehicles I would see in their lot as I drove by it several times a day.  A quick check showed they had a Facebook page with a small audience that didn’t seem to have any usable traction.  Also knowing that I’m part of the majority that does not use a phone book or receive the newspaper, I didn’t (and wouldn’t) know if they were using those for advertising.  This meant, like me, most people wouldn’t ever know anything about their dealership outside of a quick drive-by – on the same main thoroughfare that also housed about 50 other auto dealerships.  Without stopping in to see them, you would never know that they had the really cool stuff inside the building on their showroom floor.

They were open to the idea of reaching a larger audience than the drive-by traffic, and hoped to capture some national attention for some of the vehicles they had available on a regular basis.

The Solution:  Facebook Marketing

The immediate solution was to grow their audience by targeting a specific group of people who would love the types of vehicles sold at the dealership.  Whether these people were currently in the market for a vehicle, or simply loved the vehicles, they would most likely engage with the content plan we developed.  We placed a focus on classic cars, muscle cars, and hot rods in our content plan because it was relevant to the dealership and the audience we selected for them, the content was readily available, and it would most likely generate engagement.

Conversations began to happen because people became more aware of what the dealership represented, what they had available, and what they were able to find.  Those conversations began to take themselves offline as more people began to drop by the dealership just to admire some of the cars.  That started a habit of drop-ins – which expanded the conversations as people began talking to their friends and contacts about the cool cars at the dealership.  All of this targeted content made it easier for people to find them, and share that content with their family and friends.  Presto!  We used to social channel to cause a social reaction to the product – and the audience took it from there – exactly the point of using social media.

Not only have they gained targeted national exposure, but they’ve sold vehicles to people in other countries around the world – all because they have a healthy Facebook page.  Watch the video below to hear Clay explain what we’ve done for his business.

We can do the same, and more, for YOUR BUSINESS.  Take a minute and browse through our digital marketing services to see if we might be a good fit for you.

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