Let’s say you own a small retail shop in a small town, and you’ve been open for many years.  Over the years, you’ve run all types of ads from print ads in the phone book and local newspaper to radio ads.  By this time, surely everybody knows who you are and where you are . . . right?

The answer is . . . no.  Your regular customers know exactly where you are – that’s why you’re still in business.  What happens when they move away?  What happens when new people move to town?  The only constant is that everything changes.

Enter Facebook Advertising

Facebook is THE most effective advertising platform on the planet.  There is no other single location with as many captive eyeballs on it.  The vast majority of the population uses it on a regular basis – and it acts just like a huge, constantly-updating survey that allows you to target people based on a large variety of categories.  Location, age, gender, actions, interests . . . it’s all there.  That is what makes advertising on Facebook so effective.  If you are a shoe store in a small town that sells shoes made for girls in their 20’s, you can target your ads to just those girls – and not pay for 45-year-old men to see your ads – or anybody else for that matter.

Real-Time Example

I was recommended to Linda by a regular customer and long-time friend of hers.  She ran a lovely fashion boutique that catered to the same basic population of ladies that had known about her for years.  Even though her shop was located in an awkward place not visible to anything but foot traffic, she was doing regular business with her loyal customer base.  She was looking to retire and wanted to move her inventory faster than would be possible with her regular customers.  She also wanted to maximize her results while minimizing her cost.

Linda decided to run a clearance sale and try to get the word out through her regular customers.  This didn’t cost her anything in advertising costs, but didn’t bring her the results she was looking for.  That is when I met her.

The Solution:  Facebook Advertising

I suggested we take her clearance sale to the masses through Facebook because it would cost significantly less than any of her other advertising options, and it would bring her a much better result than any of her other advertising options.  She already had a small, unused Facebook page for her business, but she didn’t know a thing about Facebook.  That presented no problems at all – we handle all the details.

We ran a small Facebook ad campaign to bring customers to her clearance sale.  And it worked!  Through this small campaign, we introduced her store to an entire group of people who previously did not know she existed.  This was exciting and different for Linda because she knew every one of her customers prior to this campaign.

The Facebook ad campaign worked so well that Linda decided to “pull the trigger” and run a “Going Out of Business” sale.  More than that, the sale was advertised exclusively through Facebook.  This campaign built on the results of the previous campaign, and she saw even bigger results!  Linda has since closed her shop and is missed by not only her regular customers, but she is also missed by an entirely new set of customers who only just discovered her shop before she closed for retirement.  Watch the video below and hear how she reacted to the new experience (for her) of Facebook advertising.

We can do the same, and more, for YOUR BUSINESS.  Take a minute and browse through our digital marketing services to see if we might be a good fit for you.

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