So you own a small, local business and you need some help getting the word out.  Of course you’ve tried placing ads in your local newspaper, and you might have an ad in the phone book.  But these things are expensive and don’t seem to bring you the result you’re looking for.  Besides, they also aren’t anything you can implement on a moment’s notice, and you have no control over how they are offered to the public.

Enter Facebook Advertising

Facebook is THE most effective advertising platform on the planet.  There is no other single location with as many captive eyeballs on it.  The vast majority of the population uses it on a regular basis – and it acts just like a huge, constantly-updating survey that allows you to target people based on a large variety of categories.  Location, age, gender, actions, interests . . . it’s all there.  That is what makes advertising on Facebook so effective.  If you are a shoe store in a small town that sells shoes made for girls in their 20’s, you can target your ads to just those girls – and not pay for 45-year-old men to see your ads – or anybody else for that matter.

Real-Time Example

I met Steve and we chatted.  He listened to me ramble on about the ineffectiveness of print advertising vs the effectiveness of online activities.  He was intrigued, but wanted to verify some things for himself.  Steve took six entire months and asked every single person who called his business where they found his phone number.  Without fail, every single person told him they “Googled” it.  Not a single person found him in the phone book.

With some trepidation, Steve decided to NOT renew his ad in the phone book.  The decision immediately removed an unnecessary expense and increased his bottom line.  Smart decision.  Steve informed me of his decision and I began to help him with Facebook.  To continue to keep his costs low, we decided that the level of business he was already doing was reasonable, except for one point.

Steve runs an electronics repair shop fixing just about anything that’s electronic and fixable.  Occasionally, he spends money (for replacement parts, etc.) to fix an item and the owner never returns to pay for the repairs and collect their item.  After jumping through the hoops he’s required to go through, he places the item for sale to recoup his cost.  These items include computers and TVs, priced significantly lower than their retail cost.  Because he is not a retail location, he does not receive retail traffic and found it difficult to move these items and recoup his costs.

The Solution:  Facebook Advertising

I helped Steve reclaim his Facebook page and put it to some use.  We ran some low-cost, targeted ads offering these unclaimed items for sale.  He very quickly saw the difference between print advertising and Facebook advertising.  What would normally cost too much for his needs and take too long, fit right into his budget and brought results – sometimes within minutes.  Place an ad – get a sale – it’s just that simple.  Is Steve “sold” on Facebook advertising?  Watch the video below and see for yourself!

We can do the same, and more, for YOUR BUSINESS.  Take a minute and browse through our digital marketing services to see if we might be a good fit for you.

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