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Account Representatives

Welcome Independent Account Representatives for Ken Collins Marketing!

Welcome to Ken Collins Marketing

First – we’re glad you made the decision to work with Ken Collins Marketing as an Independent Account Representative!  Welcome to the team!  All new Account Reps should start here to ensure these important initial things are taken care of so you can get off to a great start.

Getting Started

1. What is an Account Representative?

An account representative serves as the primary contact between clients and their company. Account representatives maintain existing customer accounts while also working to create new accounts. Key responsibilities of an account representative typically include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with current company accounts

  • Communicating with clients and resolving client issues or complaints

  • Monitoring company and business email, messages and other communication systems and promptly responding to clients

  • Collaborating internally
  • Prospecting, making presentations, and closing sales on new client accounts and continuing to service the accounts after the sale

  • Up-selling and cross-selling additional products and services to existing clients

2. What does Independent mean?

As an Independent Account Representative, you are self-employed and subject to self-employment taxes for the payments you receive from Ken Collins Marketing.  Because of that, we’ll need you to complete an IRS W9 and return it to us.  You can either fill out the form and email it to us, or – if you are not comfortable with emailing this form – you can put it in an envelope and mail it to us.  You can find a link below to the form on the IRS website.

IRS W9 Form –

We require this form for our own tax purposes before we can make payments to you.  Your own SSN will be your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

Basically, just like with any contractor you might contract for services, such as a mechanic, plumber, or electrician, we will not dictate when or how you perform your work.  You work your own hours with your own tools and in the way you desire.  All we require is an outcome that is suitable to us when you do the work.  You will not be subject to performance or sales goals – these are up to you and the amount of time and effort you decide to put in.  When working with a client of Ken Collins Marketing, you collaborate between yourself and the client to find the methods that work best in that relationship.  We only require that you keep us informed of those efforts.

In the most basic sense, you develop the relationship with the client, and we provide the marketing and billing services.  We keep our portion of the fees, and give you the rest.  For the purposes of this arrangement, we call those payment services a commission.  If you’ve not already done so, please review the PDF at the link below which explains our Independent Account Representative opportunity and the commission rates.  This will be updated periodically.

Independent Account Representative



We value our client relationships more than anything.  We respect those relationships.  And we trust YOU to manage those relationships for us.  We may, at some point, change the name of this opportunity from “Account Rep” to “Relationship Manager” – because that is a much more fitting description of your work.

We never, ever push our clients into services that they don’t need or want.  We will never ask you to hard sell in that way.  Complaints from our clients about hard-selling techniques will be investigated thoroughly and may result in the end of our relationship with the offending party.  We take this very seriously.

We want you to develop and maintain relationships with our clients.  Your role is to listen, explain, and help.

Listen to the needs of our clients.  Identify their pain points – what do they struggle with most, where do they need help, what are they missing – and match those pain points to our service solutions that will make their lives better.

Explain our services in a way that enables them to understand how they will benefit.

Help them get started with those services.  Be their advocate when problems arise.  You are on their side in everything.

Ken is ALWAYS available to you for any questions, concerns, or roadblocks you may encounter.

Ken and his team of graphic designers, website designers, SEO pros, etc. will get the work done.  Ken will take care of processing payments.  Your role is to make people happy and do what you can to keep them that way.

4. Familiarize yourself with our Services

We are a nimble company that often changes the services we offer depending on changing and/or emerging technologies in the Digital Marketing industry.  We fully evaluate new strategies, test them, and decide on their implementation in our list of services based on the results we know they will deliver for our clients.  Use the link below to familiarize yourself with our services.

Ken Collins Marketing Services

We don’t offer everything in the realm of digital marketing – nobody does.  Our core services (at this time) revolve around the opportunity for a client to layer services based on their current situation and budget concerns based on the priority list below.  The small, local businesses we work with need all of these things in this order:

  1. Website
  2. Google My Business Listing
  3. Facebook Business Page
  4. Review Management
  5. Local SEO
  6. Sales Funnel

It would do you good to memorize this list and a basic understanding of the progression.

Every business needs a website – period.  More than that, they need a website that works as a proper marketing tool for them and not just an online brochure.  Further, that website MUST work on mobile, or Google will downgrade their ability to be found in search results.  A Google My Business (GMB) listing is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest thing (free) a client can do to help their business.  It’s fast, easy, and free to set up – and it comes with  HUGE local search benefits – and it’s a customer review platform.  A Facebook Business Page can be almost as fast and easy to set up as a GMB listing – and it’s also free – and it’s also a customer review platform.  Now that the client has a presence on the two most powerful review platforms, the next best thing to do is set them up with a Review Funnel to help them get more good reviews, less bad reviews, and highlight their best reviews for everybody to see.  Most people read reviews before making purchase decisions – and they trust those reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family.  Because online customer reviews are an important part of local search engine optimization (SEO), it is part of our Local SEO service.  Once a client has a website, GMB listing, Facebook page, and is collecting reviews, it’s time to start attracting website visitors with a Local SEO service.  Once the website visitors are rolling in, it’s time to put a Sales Funnel in place to drive more visitors, turn visitors into leads, and leads into sales.

Read the paragraph above over and over.  Get to a point where you can say it from memory.  Then, keep this progression in your mind when talking with a prospect or client.  It will serve you well – and getting a client or prospect to understand this will serve THEM well.

Once you understand the progression of these 6 things every business needs, go through our services and begin to educate yourself on how to discuss each of these services.

5. Do you have to attend meetings?

At this time, we conduct NO regularly-scheduled meetings.

If you need to schedule a Conference call between yourself, a client, and Ken for any reason, please use the link below.

Schedule a Conference Call

6. How do you get paid?

After completing your W9 and returning it to us, you will be eligible to receive payments from Ken Collins Marketing.  See Chapter 2 above “2.  What does Independent mean?”

Once each month, at the beginning of the month, we will compile of statement of your commissions earned during the previous month.  This statement will be emailed to you, and we will mail a check to you at that time.

Commission payments are earned when Ken Collins Marketing receives payment from a client that you manage.  All of our fees are due BEFORE we complete any work for a client . . . a client payment is the thing that begins the service . . . it is also the thing that earns you a commission.  We will track all of the activity under your management during a month and pay all of those commissions in one payment at the beginning of the next month.

Most clients are retainer clients.  This means, the client is making recurring payments for an ongoing service.  These payments may be monthly, every 6 months, or yearly.  Your commission is earned during the month we receive that recurring payment, and you are paid at the beginning of the following month.

When you help a client use our website to begin a service, they are either charged once or they begin automated credit card charges.  This is the easiest and fastest method to take care of client payments – and ensures timely credit for your commissions.  While we can invoice a client and accept a check payment, this is extremely rare, not our preferred method, and slows down all processes involved – services don’t begin until we’ve received and cleared the check payment.  If a client must be invoiced, Ken will invoice the client directly – the Account Rep is not responsible for, and should never handle, client payments – except for helping the client through the credit card payment process on our website.

6. How do you keep Ken informed?

While you are always free to call Ken, he may not always be free to answer your call – that’s the largest reason our Account Representative position exists – Ken doesn’t have the time to manage all of the phone calls.

Ken’s PREFERRED METHOD of contact is through email.  This allows Ken to efficiently and effectively manage conversations and workflow across many clients.  Phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, etc. can all lead to lost or forgotten information.

When appropriate, include Ken in the CC of your email conversations with your clients.  It’s not always necessary to do so, but Ken should always receive an email update about client issues or decisions.


Phone:  (505) 947-0422

Let’s Grow Together

Effort + Time = Growth

We are all here to help each other grow!  The goal of Ken Collins Marketing is to help our clients grow.  The growth of our clients leads to the growth of our company.  The growth of our company leads to YOUR growth.  When we work together to deliver results for our clients, they win, we win . . . YOU win . . . we ALL win.